In a noisy marketplace, one proven route to capturing attention is through using human insights to demonstrate your expertise and empathy. We are experts in taking the pulse on hot topics and helping you deploy this information to tell compelling stories and generate narratives that cut through.

Partnering with top-tier panel providers we offer the access you need to B2C, B2B and Key Opinion Leader audiences around the world, with the option of leveraging our partners’ brands to reinforce the credibility of the findings.

Our Track Record

  • 2 waves of the Healthy Living Index in 15 APAC markets.
  • White paper on the mobile payment industry addressing how it can increase adoption of NFC mobile payments.
  • Understanding mobile search behaviour and impact of search and mobile ads on sales conversions.
  • 2016 - Study among 10,000 Chinese luxury e-commerce buyers 2017 – Global study on regional and generational differences in online shopping.
  • Autonomous Driving - perceptions and interest in buying/ using among consumers in 5 developed APAC markets.
  • Study on Exchange Traded Funds - used in PR campaigns and an investor education campaign.
  • Nine-category study in 4 markets to understand loyalty attitudes and behaviour.
  • 7 market study in SEA on Payment Habits & Attitudes