We are a diverse group of researchers, representing many nationalities, residing in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Lisbon and India.

We are united by a deep passion for understanding people and using this knowledge to help brands succeed.
Our owner-operated model allows us to build long-term value for our clients and colleagues alike.

Meet the Team

Thomas Isaac

Director |

Financial Services, Tech, Consumer, Public Affairs

Marc de Lange

Director |

Financial Services

Arthur Tam

Director |

Customer Experience,
Financial Services

Clare Lui

Director |

Media, Advertising, Digital Transformation

Zoe Hu

Director |

Tech, Finance, Auto,
Qualitative Specialist

Ajit Rodrigues

Director |

Consumer, Property

Amit Phatak

Director |

Tech, Finance,
Tourism, Public Sector

Carlos Hernandez Jr

Director |


Alfredo Hasslocher

Director |

FMCG, Retail

Madhuri Chatterjee

Director |

Financial Services, Media, Tech, Manufacturing

Patricia Nuqui

Director |

Consumer, Healthcare
Pharmaceuticals, Telecom

Anuja Kolhatkar

Director |

Media, Consumer, Telecom, Banking and Automotive

Jennifer Tan

Associate Director|

Consumer, Tech, Finance

Olive Wong

Associate Director |

Community, Finance,

Maria Baleca

Associate Director|


Syed Hussein

Senior Consultant |

Ankita Rastogi

Senior Consultant |

Mandy Oey

Senior Consultant |


Mia Madarang

Consultant |

Shweta Zachariah

Designer |

Melka San Mateo

Finance &
Admin Executive |

Our top-heavy structure ensures senior involvement in all projects