No two clients are the same. Every tool and methodology has pros and cons. As independent consultants, we’ll give you truly unbiased advice on the best approach based on your specific requirements. Our multi-disciplinary experience enables us to see the bigger picture, bringing perspectives from other categories and disciplines.

As an insight or PR professional, the complexity you manage can be overwhelming. Your stakeholders want more done in less time and for less money. Organisational siloes aren’t going away. Plans change and goalposts move. We help you cut through the ambiguity to make sense and join the dots.

Most research companies are hothouses that are perpetually under-resourced. Pressure to maximize profits means work is pushed to junior staff and headcounts are kept as lean as possible.

At Intuit we operate on an entirely different model. We look to build long-term relationships with our clients. All client engagements are led by one of our directors, who are owners of the company thereby ensuring continuity.

Our people are free from the constraints that exist in other companies, allowing them to focus completely on their clients and on doing outstanding work.

Our clients trust us to know their context, anticipate their needs and be highly responsive. Hands-on director involvement at every stage ensures we on-board quickly, add value to your thinking and deliver high-quality outcomes at pace.