Who we are

Intuit Research is a boutique market research consultancy providing high quality consumer and business insights services from our offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Intuit and insight

What is insight? The dictionary says that insight is an instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding. And anyone who has had an insight knows that it is only through intuition that it happens, like a light bulb going off inside your head.

The reliability of one intuition depends on past knowledge and expertise in a specific area. We aim to bring together the ingredients that provide the best chance of delivering high quality work and depth of insight:

Senior, experienced researchers, applied hands-on to addressing clients business and research issues through a holistic fact-based approach combining findings from quantitative and qualitative research as well as secondary data and clients own internal data.


Our Reach and Approach

We focus on the areas where our experience and expertise can add value the design of studies to ensure the right methodology and approach are used to collect the right information, incisive analysis to draw the most out of the data and clear and actionable reporting.

We work with specialist partners for data collection

  •     Established online panel companies for online research
  •     International and regional research agencies for face-to-face fieldwork
  •     Specialized research call centres for B2B interviews

Most studies we have done involve multiple markets in Asia Pacific, but we can cover most markets worldwide.

To date, we have conducted projects in more than 30 markets across all major regions.


Sectors & Services

We focus on these sectors, based on the experience and expertise of our team members:

Within these sectors, our services include:

Custom Research Studies

Design and execution of market research surveys, from single markets to regional or global studies.

Client Advisory Services

We assist clients in reanalyzing past reports to address new objectives, conducting desk research, disseminating and workshopping research findings to local market teams or any other research related tasks which you may not have the capacity to undertake internally.

Research Based Consulting

We help clients make strategic marketing and business decisions by applying structured thinking to relevant information gleaned from different sources, including past studies and client's internal data. Custom research may or may not be a part of this offering.

PR and Thought Leadership Research

Another area in which we have considerable experience is in surveys to create content for thought leadership and to generate media coverage.

Click on each example to see a description:

  •       Review of the Mobile Payment Industry eco-system in Asia
  •       Consumers mobile search behavior and response to mobile advertising in SEA
  •       Survey on trends in e-commerce in China
  •       Asia Pacific study to understand behavior and attitudes to loyalty across multiple categories

Case Studies

People & Contacts

Marc de Lange
18 years of research experience and 4 years prior experience as a technology consultant.Marc’s expertise is in regional and global studies across the Technology and Financial Services sectors. He has held senior roles across Hong Kong and Singapore as well as a global account management role.

+852 9770 7034

Thomas Isaac
25 years in the research industry, with roles in India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore as well as regional roles. Thomas is an all-round researcher, with quant and qual customized research experience across the Consumer, Technology, Finance, and Automotive sectors as well as experience with Retail Audits, Media measurement, Consumer Panels and Social Research.
+852 6052 7740
Ajit Rodrigues
17 years of research experience.Ajit specialises in the Consumer & Consumer Healthcare sectors.  He has worked in India, the Middle East and Singapore in team management as well as in key account roles advising multi-national clients.
+65 9457 1340
Amit Phatak
With 18 years of experience across Asia Pacific, Amit has focused on technology, services, FMCG and government clients in the region. He oversaw both B2B and B2C projects and led action planning workshops with brands and agencies.
+65 9457 5102
Zoe Hu
Associate Director
10 years of research experience
Zoe has worked in both agency and client side roles in the Technology, Financial Services, Automotive and Media sectors. She is our qualitative expert, with 5 years of global qualitative research experience for various clients.
+852 9238 9864
Zoe.Hu@intuit research.com
Sunny Ng
Senior Consultant
An all-rounded research professional with 8 years experience, Sunny combines both agency and client side consumer insights experience. He worked at client side for asset management as well as telecommunications companies combining customer analytics and other research techniques.
+852 9572 2208
Jennifer Tan
10 years in market research
Adept at international project management and handling tracking studies, Jennifer has experience across the Technology, Finance and Consumer sectors.
+852 9646 8140

Syed Hussein
7 years of market research experience. Worked in Singapore and Indonesia across Automotive, Consumer, FMCG and Telco sectors. Well versed in international project management, research methodologies and tools.
+65 9710 8664
Shweta Zachariah
Shweta is our in-house designer, and with 10 years experience in the Creative field she is passionate about design. She worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in advertising firms in the UAE, UK and India. Her educational background in Strategic Planning helps her combine creativity with business requirements.
+ 91 9846042657