Bringing two experts together

ALIDA TXM (Total experience management)

With a comprehensive suite of research, analytics and CX management tools

Deep Insights from Customer Communities

Alida.SPARQ (Insights communities)

A proprietary community of your engaged customers who have opted in to provide their opinions

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Develop a deeper, progressive understanding of our Customers
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Customer feedback at the speed of Business
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It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back – Seth Godin
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Unlimited activities – cost efficiency

Alida.VOICE OF EMPLOYEE (Enhanced work experiences for employees)

Create a community of employees for ongoing conversations that provide deep, actionable insights to help your organization learn from employees to attract, retain, and engage the best people

Continuous Improvement & Customer Recovery

Alida.CXM (Customer closed-loop feedback with rules-based engines for automated actions)

Designed for brands that don’t just care about listening to the voice of their customers but also want to action on these insights across their businesses, Alida CXM empowers brands to action on customer feedback to constantly foster and deepen brand loyalty and advocacy

Easy to integrate with

  • CRM & Marketing
  • ERP
  • ITSM
  • Call Center
  • Surveys
  • HRIS
  • eCommerce
  • Collaboration
  • Social
  • POS

Alida.TOUCHPOINT (Feedback across digital customer journeys)

Get quick feedback from millions of customers and prospects across all digital touchpoints

Alida Touchpoint

  • Micro-Surveys & intercepts
  • Digital deployment for social platforms & websites
  • Collect & Action feedback
  • Flexible calls-to-action for targeted segments
  • Built-In analytics with real-time dashboards
  • Contextual website pop-up integration
  • Intuitive administration
  • Can act as recruitment mechanism for communities