Thought leadership in loyalty marketing

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February 10, 2020
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February 18, 2020

Thought Leadership in Loyalty Marketing

Client: Global Loyalty Marketing Agency

Objective: To gain insights into what drives loyalty across different categories and markets and to develop a framework that can be applied to other categories or markets in future


  • Online survey covering 9 categories across 4 markets in APAC
  • Conducted as two separate studies with over 5000 interviews; categories split across the two studies
  • Designed to provide comprehensive understanding
    • Cross-category learnings
    • Category level understanding of drivers of loyalty
    • Importance of touch points
    • Brand level assessment
Multiple sectors Thought leadership

Presented at
  • Shanghai Equipmag Retail Expo – Oct’14
  • KPMG Omni Channel Retailing Conf. – Nov’14
  • Hong Kong Retail Expo – Jun’15